Vehicular Gate Operator Categories
Class I: Residential , intended for use in a one to four single family dwelling
Class II: General public access or commercial, intended for use for a multi family housing unit, hotel, etc. or industrial location.
Class III: Industrial or limited access intended for industrial locations (such as a factory or loading dock) and not intended to service the general public.
Class IV: Restricted access intended for used in a guarded industrial location and not intended to service the general public.

UL Defined Obstruction Sensing System

Types of Safety Devices

Type A Inherent in the Operator Provided in design of the operator
Type B-1 Non-Contact Photoelectric Sensor or equivalent
Type B-2 Contact Edge device or the equivalent
Type C Swing-Inherent Inherent adjustable clutch (Mechanical) or pressure relief device (for Hydraulics)
Type D Constant Contact Manual activation of device which stops the unit when button is released
Type E Audio Alarm Bells, horns, sirens, or buzzers at 100db

Classes & Entrapment Type Required

Usage Class
Horizontal Slide
Vertical Lift
Vertical Pivot
Swing Gate
Vertical Barrier (Arm)
Primary Type
Secondary Type
Primary Type
Secondary Type
Class I & II
B1, B2, D
A or C
A, B1, C or D
Class II
A, B1, or B2
A, B1, B2, D or E
A, B1, or C
A, B1, C, D or E
Class IV
B1, B2, D
A, B1, B2, D or E
A, B1, C or D
A, B1, C, D or E
Note: The same type of device shall not be utilized for both the primary and secondary entrapment protection means. Use of a single device to cover both the opening and closing directions is in accordance with the requirements; however a single device is not required to cover from both directions. A combination of one type B1 for one direction and one type B2 for the other direction is the equivalent of one device for the purpose of complying with the requirements of either the primary or secondary entrapment protection means.

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