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XCEL Steel Fence Accessories

There are many different accessories available to go with your new XCEL ornamental steel fencing. Brackets are available to attach your fence panels to the posts in the easiest way possible - using XCEL's SecureSnap technology. With SecureClip rings and SecureClip butterfly scrolls multiple styles of finials that allow you to truly customize your fence. Questions about our XCEL steel fencing accessories, or want to order over the phone? You can contact our friendly sales representatives toll free at (800) 878-7829.

4x Flat Mount Brackets
R3548 (for 2 Rail)

XCEL Flat Mount Bracket Kit R3548
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6x Flat Mount Brackets
R3512 (for 3 Rail)

XCEL Flat Mount Bracket Kit R3512
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4x Wrap Around Brackets

XCEL Wrap Around Bracket Kit R3550
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4x Swivel Brackets

XCEL Swivel Bracket Kit R3545
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2x Line Brackets

XCEL Line Bracket Kit R3524
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One-Way Rail/Bracket Bolt

XCEL One-Way Bolt Rail to Bracket R35SB
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2x One Way Picket Bolt

XCEL One Way Picket Bolt R35SR
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2" Sq Post Cap

XCEL Post Cap SPC20
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Butterfly Scroll

XCEL Butterfly Scroll R35F
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Decorative Rings

XCEL Decorative Rings R35Q
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Fleur-de-lis Finial

XCEL Fleur-de-lis Finial P16F
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Quad Flare Finial

XCEL Quad Flare Finial P16Q
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Trition Finial

XCEL Trition Finial P16T
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Aluminum Floor Flange

XCEL Aluminum Floor Flange SF2044
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Steel Floor Flange

XCEL Steel Floor Flange SF2044-S
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Weather Proof Grommet

XCEL Weather Proof Grommet P16XJ
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