Low Voltage Phone Intercom System
For the Gated Residence
 by Sentex Systems TM
Distributed by Discount Fence Supply, Inc. 


Crown Jewel 3 - Low Voltage Phone System

Entry Systems
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Crown Jewel 3

Size- 5.2" H by 8.7" W by 4" D
Power 12 Volts AC or DC 
Warranty: One Year to homeowner
Our Intercom System
is designed to work with all of the GTO Operators. Our Intercom systems screen  visitors to your house. Buy per piece or buy the entire intercom package.  

Price $ 1185.00


Elegant Styling that Enhances Your Gated Entry
     Recognized as the leader in entry system reliability, Sentex is pleased to present its Crown Jewel 3. The first system to offer so much access control capability in a small, elegant self-contained package. The Crown Jewel makes an impeccable statement of quality and elegance but still gives you an unprecedented level of control over all access through your gates. Smaller than even old-fashioned intercoms, the crown Jewel truly complement any setting. 

No Additional Telephone Bill
You get all this power and beauty from the Crown Jewel 3 but you never get a telephone bill. The Crown Jewel 3 connects directly into your existing telephone line, so you do not get charged when a visitor calls your home nor do you get an additional monthly line charge. The Crown Jewel 3 also provides call waiting so you can interrupt an outside call to answer a visitor call, grant access (if you wish), and return to your call.

Loads of Features at a Low Price
Despite its small size, the Crown Jewel 3 is loaded with powerful standard features that are not available - even as options - on other "No Phone Bill" entry systems. Yet despite all this capability and its very elegant appearance, you do not have to pay a fortune to have a crown Jewel Installed. In fact the price is the only thing that is not upscale about theses systems

Extensive Standard Features

Call Waiting: A tone signals if a visitor is try8intg to contact you while you are  on an outside call. You can speak with the visitor, allowing entry, and then return to the outside call. The same is true if an outside call occurs while you are  talking to a visitor. 

75 Time/Date Restricted Entry Codes: These 4-digit codes can be used to activate the Crown Jewel 3 two relays. A battery-backed, 365-day clock lets you control on what days and at what times each entry codes can access your property. 

Event Record Memory: Time and date stamped records of the most recent 250 events (visitor calls, entry code usage, etc.) are retained in system memory and may be retrieved using Sentex's user-friendly Windows based software and the Crown Jewel's internal modem. 

Distinctive Ringing: A double ring may be used to identify a visitor call. 

Do Not Disturb: The system can be programmed so it will not call during periods when you do not wish to be disturbed. Function may be activated directly or on a scheduled basis.

Call Forwarding:  The system can be programmed to place a call to an off-site location when you are not home. Function may be activated directly or on a scheduled basis.

Visitor Calling to Guest House: System can call three outside numbers allowing visitors to call guest or employee quarters directly (these calls  may cause per-call charges to be generated).

Two Relays: Allows control of the main entry plus a second gate or any other device you desire.

Remote Programming: You can program the system from your home or a remote location using a touch-tone telephone or Sentex's user friendly software and the Crown Jewel's internal modem,

Multiple Entry Controls: Up to seven Crown Jewels may be linked on telephone line. Only the "calling" system opens gate when access is granted. 


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