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GTO/PRO Automatic Gate Opener Lock

FM144 Horizontal Gate Latch
(Not Compatible with Mighty Mule 250)

The GTO Automatic Gate Lock/Pull to Open is designed to use with GTO/PRO Swing Gate Operators for added security. The Automatic Gate Lock also provides stability for the gate in the closed position - especially in areas where high winds are common. The gate lock is solenoid driven, and it has a plated steel bolt and a zinc plated steel housing. It comes with keys and key switch to allow manual release when necessary.

The GTO Automatic Gate Lock FM142 (available through PRO dealers only) is similar to the Pull-to-Open model but is designed to be used with GTO/PRO Swing Gate Operators to hold gate in an open position.

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GTOPRO Column Mount Lock Receiver for use with GTO/PRO automatic Gate Openers

Column Mount Lock Receiver
(Not Compatible with Mighty Mule 250)

The Column Mount Lock Receiver is used for mounting the Automatic Gate Lock or the Bulldog Pedestrian Gate Lock on brick columns, walls, or other applications with limited space between gate and fence post.

433IH Column Mount Lock Receiver

Master Pin Lock for use with GTO/PRO automatic Gate Openers

The Master Pin Lock substitutes for the clevis pin at either or both mounting points of the Mighty Mule E-Z Gate Opener or the GTO/PRO 1000 series swing gate opener arm. It can also be inserted above the quick release pins in both chain brackets of the GTO/PRO SL-1000 slide gate opener. The pin lock deters theft of the opener arm but still allows the key holder to manually open the gate when necessary.

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Bulldog Pedestrian Gate Lock for use GTO/PRO Automatic Gate Openers

FM145 Bulldog Pedestrian Gate Lock
(Not Compatible with Mighty Mule 250)

The Bulldog Pedestrian Gate Lock (available through PRO dealers only) is designed for horizontal use on "walk-thru" gates without automatic gate operators. This lock is an affordable way to protect swimming pool areas, playgrounds, tennis courts, and other secured areas from unwanted access. The Bulldog is battery operated; the battery charge is maintained by the 12 volt DC charger (included) or the Bulldog Solar Panel accessory. The Bulldog comes with a push button entry control and has a key switch to allow manual operation when desired. The Bulldog can be accessorized for additional security with either the Bulldog Digital Keypad or the GTO Digital Keypad.

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