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Bufftech Vinyl Fence

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Traditional Vinyl Fence

With Bufftech vinyl fence, you can have that house in the suburbs with a white picket fence without ever having to worry about staining or treating the fence or the color fading. Cape Cod, Yorkshire, Rothbury, and Danbury are all available in straight pickets and concave styles. Danbury even comes in an exclusive cedar color. Get the look of a wood picket fence without the hassle.

Danbury Cedar Woodgrain Texture Vinyl Fence
Danbury Select Cedar

Classic Vinyl Fence

Canterbury, Canterbury Swoop, Manchester, and Manchester Concave fences offer the classical look of picket fences with easy installation. Don't waste hours installing fence sections and maintaining materials like wood or worrying about termites. Bufftech vinyl fence will never chip or fade and come with a limited lifetime warranty. Order yours today!

Contemporary Vinyl Fence

For a sleeker, more modern appearance, consider Bufftech contemporary fence. Designed to appeal to every aesthetic, contemporary vinyl fence is perfect for pets and children. Several designs are approved for use as pool fences. Baron, Countess, Monarch, Princeton, and Victorian styles are available with and without midrails. Baron can even be purchased in Select Cedar for a wood texture.

Baron Vinyl Fencing
Baron with Midrail Fencing
Baron w/ Midrail
Baron Select Cedar Vinyl Fence
Baron Select Cedar
Bufftech Coutess Fencing
Bufftech Countess with Midrail Vinyl Fence
Countess w/ Midrail
Bufftech Monarch Vinyl Fence
Monarch Vinyl Fencing with Midrail
Monarch w/ Midrail
Prinston Vinyl Fencing
Prinston Vinyl Fence with Midrail
Princeton w/ Midrail
Victorian Vinyl Fence
Victorian Vinyl Fence with Midrail
Victorian w/ Midrail

Semi-Private Vinyl Fence

With semi-private fence by Bufftech, you don't have to choose between privacy and style. This line of vinyl fencing is a beautiful addition to your business or home without letting nosy neighbors inside. Alternating slats allow you to glance through the fence without the world peering back in. Bufftech semi-private vinyl fence is available in Columbia, Columbia with Lattice, Imperial, Imperial with a midrail, Imperial with cedar texturing, and Millbrook.

Columbia Semi Private Vinyl Fence
Columbia with lattice Semi Private Vinyl Fence
Columbia w/ Lattice
Imperial Semi Private Vinyl Fencing by Bufftech
Imperial with Midrail Semi Private Vinly Fence
Imperial w/ Midrail
Imperial Semi Privacy Vinyl Fence with Cedar Texture
Imperial Select Cedar
Millbrook Semi Private Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl Privacy Fence

As vinyl fencing replaced wood, there was bound to be a demand for privacy fences. Add style and class to your yard or business while retaining a quiet, private atmosphere. Bufftech offers privacy style vinyl fences in Chesterfield, New Lexington, and Galveston designs. Several feature Lattice and Victorian accents as additions for the top of the fence. Chesterfield is even available in 'S' curve and swoop styles or with a stucco texture. Bufftech also produces several full panel privacy fences in CertaGrain wood textures, including Arbor, Arctic, Natural Clay, Sierra, and Weathered blends.

Chesterfield Vinyl Privacy Fence
Chesterfield Privacy Fence
Chesterfield with Lattice Accent Vinyl Privacy Fence
Chesterfield w/ Lattice Accent
Chesterfield with victorian accent vinyl fence by bufftech
Chesterfield w/ Victorian Accent
Westminster Privacy Vinyl Fence Panels
Chesterfield w/ Westminster
Huntington Privacy Vinyl Fence Sections
Chesterfield w/ Huntington
Stucco Texture Vinyl Fence by Bufftech Chesterfield
Chesterfield w/ CertaStucco
Chesterfield S Curve Top
Chesterfield 'S' Curve Top
Chesterfield Swoop Top
Chesterfield Swoop Top
New Lexington Vinyl Privacy Fence
New Lexington Standard
New Lexington Vinyl Privacy Fence with Victorian Accent
New Lexington w/ Victorian Accent
New Lexington Vinyl Fencing with S Curve
New Lexington 'S' Curve
New Lexington Vinyl Fence with Swoop
New Lexington w/ Swoop
New Lexington Vinyl Privacy Fence with Lattice Accents
New Lexington w/ Lattice
Galveston Privacy Vinyl Fencing
Galveston with Lattice Accent Privacy Fence
Galveston w/ Lattice Accent
Galveston Vinyl Fencing with Victorian Accent
Galveston w/ Victorian Accent
Galveston CertaGrain Sierra Blend
Galveston CertaGrain Sierra Blend
Galveston CertaGrain Arbor Blend
Galveston CertaGrain Arbor Blend
Galveston CertaGrain Arctic Blend
Galveston CertaGrain Arctic Blend
Galveston CertaGrain Weathered Blend
Galveston CertaGrain Weathered Blend
Natural Clay Vinyl Fencing Textures
Galveston CertaGrain Nautral Clay

Chesterfield Privacy Fence w/ CertaGrain Accent

Chesterfield vinyl fence offers unrivaled privacy. Bufftech's CertaGrain texture adds a natural beauty to the look and feel of your property. CertaGrain is the only authentic wood grain textured vinyl fence on the market and comes in 11 stunning colors. More organic hues like Sierra Blend and Honey Blend provide the beauty of a wood fence without troublesome maintenance.

Chesterfield CertaGrain Colonial White
Chesterfield CertaGrain Colonial White
Chesterfield CertaGrain Natural Clay
Chesterfield CertaGrain Natural Clay
Chesterfield CertaGrain Autumn Brown
Chesterfield CertaGrain Autumn Brown
Chesterfield CertaGrain Sierra Blend
Chesterfield CertaGrain Sierra Blend
Chesterfield CertaGrain Arbor Blend
Chesterfield CertaGrain Arbor Blend
Chesterfield CertaGrain Arctic Blend
Chesterfield CertaGrain Arctic Blend
Chesterfield CertaGrain Weathered Blend
Chesterfield CertaGrain Weather Blend
Brazilian Blend CertaGrain Vinyl Fence Wood Texture
Chesterfield CertaGrain Brazilian Blend
Frontier Blend CertaGrain Vinyl Fencing Wood Texture
Chesterfield CertaGrain Frontier Blend
Honey Blend CertaGrain Wood Texture for Vinyl Fencing
Chesterfield CertaGrain Honey Blend
Certagrain Bufftech Almond Vinyl Fence Texturing
Chesterfield CertaGrain Almond Blend
chesterfield with CertaGrain texture vinyl fence
Chesterfield CertaGrain
    Chsterfield CertaGrain Timber Blend image coming soon
Chesterfield CertaGrain Timber Blend
Chsterfield CertaGrain Canyon Blend image coming soon
Chesterfield CertaGrain Canyon Blend
Post & Rail

Post & Rail is the perfect solution for farm fences, housing developments, and businesses. Decorative two rail fencing comes in many of the same brilliant shades offered for other CertaGrain fences as well as a smooth classic white vinyl. Select from three and four rail or cross buck for more practical applications. Unlike traditional wood fences, these Bufftech fences won't splinter or rot and are safe for your horses and other livestock, pets, and children.

Post and Rail Vinyl Fence Cross Buck Style
Cross Buck
Post and Rail Four Rail Vinyl Fences
Four Rail
Post and Rail Three Rail Vinyl Fencing
Three Rail
Post and Rail Two Rail Vinyl Fence by Bufftech
Two Rail
CertaGrain Wood Texture Post and Rail Vinyl Fence
CertaGrain Post & Rail"

Railing systems, Porch Posts & Handrail

Like Bufftech, EverNew is another signature CertainTeed brand. EverNew railings come five distinct designs, all engineered to look like traditional wood fences. Kingston, Oxford, and Panorama rails and posts are all made to the high standard you expect from other CertainTeed vinyl products. Specifically designed for additional stability, Durham rails are manufactured from aluminum. These porch posts, railing systems, and hand rails are a fantastic choice for both residential and commercial applications.

Kingston Vinyl Railing Systems
Oxford Vinyl Railing Systems
panorama composite railing system for vinyl fencing
Panorama Composite


Personalize your fence with New England, Ball, Gothic, Pyramid, or Horse Head vinyl post caps. Protect existing fence and porch posts with snap wrap and repair or strengthen your fence with additional hardware, including gate hinges and latches. Structural support posts by CertainTeed offer strength and a solid foundation with all the benefits of vinyl in three unique styles.

vinyl fence post caps
Vinyl Post Caps
vinyl fence hardware
Vinyl Fence Hardware
vinyl snap wrap
Snap Wrap
porch posts
Porch Posts

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