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Phone Link 500 Telephone Entry System

Phone Link 500 is the "No Phone Line" telephone entry system, allowing you to use your existing telephone line without creating an addition to the phone bill.

Telephone Entry System


The American Access Systems, Inc. Phone Link 500 telephone entry system is constructed using a heavy gauge, powder coated enclosure and stainless steel faceplate and is designed to be either post of surface mounted.


  • Functions available with the Phone Link 500 allow the user to conveniently screen entrants from the security of a telephone inside the home or office. When a guest presses the call button, a double ring alerts the people inside that someone is at the gate, rather than an incoming telephone call. Access is allowed by simply pressing ** for a momentary relay operation, or *# to latch the gate open. The gate can be called and latched open without a guest being present at the gate. Also featured is call waiting and an override providing phone switching in the even of a power outage. For guest with preauthorized entry, a fully programmable 500 code keypad is provided.



12 VAC / VDC Solar compatible!
Output: 2 relaycs, N/O or N/C contact 1 to 99 second
Operating temp: --15 to 175 farenheit

500 four digit code capacity
Programmable from home phone or at keypad
Programmable master code / latch / sleep code
Call waiting / call forwarding
3 strikes you're out
PBX / Intercom mode
Event input
Audible tone
Non-volatile memory

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PhoneLink 500-Code, Post Mount Keypad
(12 VAC Transformer Included)

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