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Discount Fence Supply, Inc.
Is Green - And Was Green

Discount Fence Goes Green

We here at Discount Fence strive to continue to become more responsible with the way we impact the environment. We have been doing the the following things since the company started in 1982.

We do things differently in order to be green:

  1. We use recycled paper, shredded paper, and recycled newspapers to package all of our boxes!
  2. We recycle and reuse 90% of our boxes from local manufacturing facilities.
  3. This results in minimizing waste from our facilities and increasing recycling!
  4. We ship via FedEx, which uses products such as Green Tonnage, where transport is made using bio-fuels, reducing CO2 emissions.
  5. We have the option for you to receive estimates and receipts via email, reducing paper usage!

According to a recent study commissioned by the PayItGreen™ Alliance, if one in five households switched to electronic bills, the collective impact would save 151 million pounds of paper, avoid filling 8.6 million household garbage bags with waste and avoid producing 2 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions.