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PRX-320 Water-Proof Proximity Keypad Access

The model PRX-320 water proof keypad and proximity reader works well for pools and outdoor locations.

Water-Proof Proximity Keypad Access

Refining the technology of proxy card readers.
Redefining the capabilities of access control.

All this for only $156.25


• Stand-alone unit is appropriate for use on gates or doors where there is need for resistance to climactic conditions.
• Powered by 12V DC supply
• Can be used on solar installations
• Has the option of using a built-in contact for doorbell enunciators.
• Use it as a keypad for some users and as a proximity card reader for others.

Proxy Card Reader


1. Stand alone operation.
2. Front panel power-on indicator.
3. Four door opening modes.
             ENTRY MODE 1: Enter 4-digit Pass Code only.
             ENTRY MODE 2: Proximity Card access only.
             ENTRY MODE 3: Proximity Card plus 4-digit Pass Code.
             ENTRY MODE 4: Proximity Card or 4-digit Pass Code
4. Programming Mode is protected by a 4-digit System Pass Code.
5. All Proximity Cards must be registered prior to use.
6. Maximum storage of 2000 cards.
8. Non-volatile memory protects against data loss.



Proximity & Keypad Control
L=5.0” x W=2.75” x D=1.4”


Waterproof Proxy Reader


Technical Information
Power Requirements:
12 VDC 500-800 mA
Power Consumption:
90 mA standby / 110 mA activated
Relay Contact Rating:
3A /12VDC
Power Indicator:
RED LED Bar on Constant
Key Confirmation:
Green LED On while key is depressed
Entry Confirmation: Green LED Bar On for set time
Entry Denied: Yellow LED flashing
Alarm condition: Yellow LED constant
Read Range: 5 inches
Access: Up to 2000 users by card or 8 user passwords


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