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Resinet SLM45 Square Mesh Barrier Fence

SLM45 Barrier Fence

Strong and Durable!
Light and UPS shippable!

Safety and Construction Barrier Fence

Our polyethylene fence is easy for one person to handle!




Resinet SLM45 snow fence was developed to replace the old plastic diamond mesh plastic barrier fence. With the vertical and horizontal strands, this product will install easier and still withstand the most severe of weather conditions. A 4'x100' roll only weighs 18 pounds becoming easy for single person installation. This barrier fence is commonly use for sporting events, civic activities, access roads, ski areas, and is most popular as construction barrier fence.

Available in Orange and Green

Material: High Density Polyethylene
Ultraviolet Resistance: Fully stabilized
Temperature Range: -60 degrees F. to 180 degrees F
Tensile Yield: 3200 psi
Tensile Strength: 130 LBS/FT
Ultimate Tensile Strength: 2600 psi
Elongation at Break: 150%
Mesh Size: 2" x 1 1/4"


Click Here Installation Instructions


  1. No Sharp edges, reducing product liability

  2. The 1/2" (approximately) solid bands on the top and bottom give greater visibility.

  3. Ideal for one person to handle.

SLM45 Barrier Fence Pricing

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SLM45 Square Mesh Barrier Fence
4' x 100' Roll



SLM45 Square Mesh Barrier Fence
4' x 50' Roll