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"The best-selling portable athletic outfield fence in the world!"

sports fence section
SportPanel is the superior portable outfield fence for baseball, softball and little leagues. It's the affordable alternative with all-around superior performance!

Practical and affordable portable athletic field fencing that can be permanent or temporary

Sale! Now Only, buy 32 sections and get
2 FREE Foul Poles!


Specially designed to be portable, SportPanel is the practical and affordable outfield fencing choice for schools, parks and athletic leagues looking for athletic field separation. Our portable sport fencing can be used as a temporary outfield fence that can be moved and expanded or contracted in minutes, depending on the size of field you need. SportPanel is ideal for multi-purpose fields or facilities that need to create different field sizes for different sports. SportPanel also makes an ideal permanent fence, as it is durable, long lasting and weather-resistant. You can keep our sport fencing up for the duration of the season or take it down between games. --- Additional information can be found under our pdf section - Informational PDF's

TechnoTip in two stages of deployment:
(left) partial and (right) when it is fully
deployed and flat.
Rotate the SportPanel legs to store flat and to conform to uneven ground.

SportPanel with optional yellow SafeRail.
Black mesh panels in centerfield enhances "Batter’s Eye.


  • Sturdy construction for long-lasting outfield fencing
    SportPanel is made of high-quality PVC for the fence frame, which provides superior resistance to impact and a firm and sturdy, yet lightweight base of support. The support legs rotate and are configurable to adjust to varying terrain and to allow the panels to stack completely flat. The mesh grid interior is a patented UV-protected plastic that is durable, flexible and professional looking.

    Install an entire outfield in a few hours
    Sport fencing panels ship completely assembled for simple installation and transport. They are interchangeable and the system expands to meet nearly any size requirement. Outfield fence panels connect simply and securely with weather-resistant foam connectors (1 connector is included with each panel). Secure athletic fencing to the ground with anchoring wickets (2 wickets are included with each panel). No tools are required to install.  Add optional Foul Poles to complete the outfield. To see the simple installation instructions click here.

    Patented safety feature - TechnoTip - protects your athletes from injury
    SportPanel incorporates an optional patented safety feature called TechnoTip - a folding elbow joint system that allows the sport fence panel to fold down flat upon impact. So, if a player runs into the outfield fencing while trying to catch a fly ball, they will not injure themselves by colliding into a rigid panel. Once the fence panel is deployed, simply return the panel to the upright position and lock the feet back into place and keep playing.

    Bright yellow SafeRail&trade adds an extra level of safety and visibility for the players. To view more information on options and accessories click here.

Panel Size: 48"H x 126"L (10ft. 6 in.) x 2" W.
Each panel includes 1 free foam Connector & 2 free anchoring wickets
Weight: 22 lbs.
Materials: Frame: UV Inhibited, Titanium Dioxide additive, high impact, compounded PVC frame and fittings, 1.25" schedule 40 pipe.
Mesh: UV-protected, polypropylene copolymer
Color: Standard colors: White frame choice of white or black mesh
SafeRail (top rail) standard color is a vibrant yellow.
Warranty: 3-year Warranty- Made in the USA!
Safety: Meets ASTM 8 (Appendix 8) F 2000 Standards.
  • Calculate the number of panels needed for a field:
    Distance to Fence
    (From Home Plate)
    Length of Outfield Fence Number of SportPanel
    200 320 32
    210 336 34
    220 352 35
    230 368 37
    240 384 38
    250 400 40
    260 416 42
    270 432 43
    280 448 45
    290 464 46
    300 480 48
    310 496 50
    320 512 51
    330 528 53
    Note: In order to calculate any outfield (including arc), simply multiply the distance to the fence by 1.6 to obtain the total length of the outfield fence.


SportPanel Pricing
$200 Minimum Order

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SportPanel Section
Single - Pre-Assembled SportPanel Section w/ Technotip & Yellow SafeRail
48"H x 10'- 6"W
Includes 1 foam Connector & 2 anchoring wickets

SportPanel Section
Single - Black Mesh Pre-Assembled SportPanel Section w/ Technotip and Yellow SafeRail
48"H x 10'- 6"W
Includes 1 foam Connector & 2 anchoring wickets

SportPanel Section

32 - White Mesh Pre-Assembled SportPanel Sections
w/ Technotip & Yellow SafeRail

48"H x 10'- 6"W
Includes 34 foam Connector & 68 anchoring wickets
Plus 2 free Foul Poles ($250 value)


SportPanel Section

32 - Black Mesh Pre-Assembled SportPanel Sections
w/ Technotip & Yellow SafeRail

48"H x 10'- 6"W
Includes 34 foam Connector & 68 anchoring wickets
Plus 2 free Foul Poles ($250 value)


SportPanel Accessories
$200 Minimum Order

Foul Pole
Foul Pole
120"H x 15"L
Includes 1 foam Connector & 2 anchoring wickets

Foam Connectors
12 Pack of Extra Foam Connectors
Weather Resistant Foam

12 Pack of Extra Anchoring Wickets

SportPanel Carts & Extras
$200 Minimum Order

Transport Cart
SportPanel Transport Cart
Heavy-gauge SQ galvanized steel tubing frame
Carries up to 20 panels

SportPanel Hitch

SportPanel Hitch for Transport Cart
Used with nearly any vehicle (Tractors/Mowers/ATVs)
Can be used to connect two carts together


Storage Tray
SportPanel Wicket/Connector Tray
for Transport Cart

Keep wickets and connectors in one place
Connects to your SportPanel transport cart

$200 Minimum Order -Pallet Quantity is 32

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