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Elite Aluminum Fence Accessories

Aluminum Fencing Made in America

We offer a wide assortment of accessories to accent your aluminum fence from Elite Aluminum. Like Elite's ornamental aluminum fencing sections, our fence accessories are powder coated and thoroughly tested to ensure you get the highest quality product possible. Elite Aluminum also proudly manufactures these accessories right here in America, providing jobs and boosting the economy. If you could get best fencing prices on the highest quality fence, made right here in the United States, why shop anywhere else?

Elite manufactures tri, quad, and fleur-de-lis finial aluminum fence toppers as well as ball caps. We also offer butterfly scrolls and fence circles to accent top rails without pickets. If you're looking for functionality, we also sell a variety of aluminum floor flanges, welded plates, hinges, lock boxes, and latches to make sure your ornamental aluminum fence does everything you need it to. Questions about what options are available? Call us toll free at (800) 878-7829 and we would be glad to answer any fencing questions you may have, or even give you a free quote.

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Aluminum Fence Accessories:

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Res. Com. Ind. Accessorize

Quad Finials for Elite Aluminum Fencing

Elite Fence Quad Finials

Fleur-De-Lis Finials for Aluminum Fencing

Elite Fence Fleur-De-Lis Finials

Elite Aluminum Fence Tri Finials

Elite Fence Tri-Finials

Elite Butterfly Scrolls Aluminum Fence Accents

Elite Fence Butterfly Scrolls

Elite Circles Accents for Aluminum Fences
Elite Fence Circles

Elite Aluminum Fence Topper - Ball Cap

Elite Fence Ball Cap

Elite Aluminum Fencing Floor Flange

Elite Fence Floor Flange
Full View Picture


Elite Welded Plate Aluminum Fence Post

Elite Fence Welded Plate

(Plates come pre-welded onto each post) (minimum post size .08)

Elite Gorilla Hinge for Gates

Elite Fence Gorilla Hinge

(Hinge for industrial gates 8' wide and larger included in gate price)

Elite Lock Box for Gate Latches
Elite Fence Lock Box

Elite Rail Ends

Elite Fence Rail End
(Stationary Wall Mount)

Elite Adjustable Swivel Rail Ends

Elite Fence Swivel Rail End
(Adjustable Wall Mount)

Elite Aluminum Fencing Heavy Duty Tru-Close Gate Hinge

Elite Fence Heavy Duty Tru Close Hinge

Elite Fence Heavy Duty, Industrial Grade Aluminum Gate Hinge

Elite Fence Industrial Grade Gate Standard Hinge.

Elite Magentic Latch for Fence Gates

Magnetic Latch
Required to meet BOCA Pool Code

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