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Vinyl Split Rail Fence

The only 100% Vinyl Split Rail Fencing

vinyl split rail fence

The vinyl Split Rail style consists of 9' rails that slip into line posts that are installed at 8' on center. The rails are hollow 100% vinyl with tapered ends. The posts have authentic looking tops and sockets that are glued in at the factory, allowing the rails to pass through, giving the fence a traditional look. The New 100% Split Rail Fencing is the closest thing to nature. Enclosing your property with Split Rail fencing provides the look of Rustic Country living without the maintenance problems of traditional Split Rail.

vinyl split rail fence wood grain texture



Installation: Vinyl Split-Rail is installed post by post at 96" center-to-center

2-Hole Vinyl Split Rail Pricing

No post caps required!

3-Hole Vinyl Split Rail Pricing

vinyl split rail fence sample

Additional discounts available on skid loads!!
60 rails per skid
60 line post per skid
60 end posts per skid
60 corner posts per skid
60 blank posts per skid

  1. Available in 2 rail 36.5" high and 3 rail 48" high fence
  2. 8' sections
  3. Standard 8 3/4" spacing on 2 rail model
  4. Standard 10 1/2" spacing on 3 rail model
  5. Gates available in 6' and 8'
  6. Realistic wood grain is molded into the vinyl adding depth and texture to the fence.

vinyl two and three post split rail fencing

vinyl fence crossrail gate specifications


vinyl split rail warrranty information
vinyl split rail fence in a field
vinyl split rail fences
vinyl split rail fence section
vinyl split rail fence rail
aluminum insert for vinyl split rail fencing
Product Samples:
vinyl split rail posts vinyl split rail vinyl split rail line post vinyl split rail end post vinyl split rail