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hslg OSCO Model GSLG-A Automatic Slide Gate Opener are designed for large heavily used industrial gates that require continuous duty application.The model VS-GSLG is a Variable Speed slide gate operator. The variable speed operator starts and stops at a slower speed. This is less stressful on the sliding gate mechanism of the operator and gate and lessens the maintanence on the gate components. This effort may slow down the operation of the opening time by a second or so but it is your gate and maintenance crews will so appreciate it. For a quick look at a reference chart look see our automatic slide gate opener chart selector or swing gate chart selector.


Cabinet: Electrical:
  • Weather-resistant galvannealed steel cabinet with powder coat finish
  • Lockable, gasketed, hinged and removable front cover for easy acces
  • Variable speed - soft start/soft stop programmable through an inverter motor control (voltage and phase of input power required at time of order)
  • Available from 1/2 HP to 2 HP industrial continuous-duty, three phase, 56-frame motors
  • Available in all standard voltages and phases
  • Maximum run timer for clutch and motor protection
  • Double C-face brake
  • Power on/off switch
  • Duplex receptacle on 115 VAC units
  • Three-button control station included
  • Accessory connections are 24-volt AC or DC
  • Easily adjustable rotary limit switches
  • Full system capable for access controls and reversing devices

  • Heavy-duty 10:1 right-angle C-face gear reducer
  • #50 roller chain and sprocket
  • Adjustable torque limiter
  • Heavy-duty pillow-block bearings
Mounting: Manual Release:
  • 3 - 3 1/2" OD post mounting
  • Optional pad mounting pedestal available

  • Manual release is easily accessible
Anti-Entrapment/Detection Devices: Control Circuit:
  • Operator is pre-wired to accept contact and non-contact detection devices such as contact edges and/or photo electric eyes.
  • Solid state circuit board, 24 VDC
  • Multiple LEDs for easy setup and troubleshooting
  • Built in maximum run timer and auto close timer
  • Right-hand/left-hand easy conversion
  • Master/Slave - simple three-wire connection

Warning Signals:
  • Continuous tone entrapment alarm
  • Warning beeper to sound when gate is moving
  • Pre-start audio/visual outputs included

GSLG-A Slide Gate Opener
Variable Speed slide gate operator

Typical Application for the GSLG-A and the VS-GSLG Variable Speed Slide Gate Opener

With a Single Gate you need one Units
With a Double Gate you need Two Units
Model HP Voltage Phase Maximum
Gate Operator Weight
Cantilever Type Roller Type Overhead Type List Price Order Now
GSLG-A-211 1/2 115 Single 1100 lbs 25 ft. 35 ft 45 ft Call For Pricing
GSLG-A-421  3/4 230 Single 1400 lbs 30 ft 42 ft 60 ft Call For Pricing
1 208 Three 2200 lbs 40 ft 56 ft 78 ft Call For Pricing
Variable Speed - Industrial Slide Gate Opener
VS-GSLG-211 1/2 115 Single 1100 lbs 45 ft 35 ft 45 ft Call For Pricing
VS-GSLG-121 1 230 Single 2500 lbs 40 ft 56 ft 78 ft Call For Pricing
VS-GSLG-783 2 208 Three 4000 lbs - - 100' Call For Pricing